[翻譯]Phillips Keeps Fillin’ Up Those Boxscores

Phillips Keeps Fillin’ Up Those Boxscores


Published : July 17, 2007 / New York Post

The buzz you heard in the bottom of the sixth inning last night wasn’t supposed to belong to Andy Phillips. On a roster stuffed with larger-than-life names, on a team paved with gold, the buzz is supposed to find Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada and Hideki Matsui.

你在昨晚比賽的六局下半所聽到的那些鼓譟聲, 本來不應該是衝著Andy Phillips而來的, 在一個巨星雲集、可說是純金打造的打線中, 會讓觀眾會發出如此鼓譟聲的人應該是Derek Jeter、Alex Rodriguez、Jorge Posada或是Hideki Matsui。

Andy Phillips? You’re supposed to check your cell-phone messages during his at-bats. If you’re watching at home, it’s a good time to flip to the out-of-town games elsewhere on the dial. Yankees fans had gotten used to that custom through so much of the early part of the season: The bottom of the Yankees batting order was custom-made for bathroom breaks.

Andy Phillips?他的打席本應是你趁機檢查手機是否有新訊息的最佳時機, 如果是在家中觀看轉播, 這時也是趁機轉到其他電視台看看其他比賽結果的好機會, 在今年前半球季, 洋基球迷已經相當習慣這樣的做法, 當洋基末段棒次上場打擊時就是抽空去上廁所的時候了。

Only, Yankees fans also know better now. They see what’s become of Andy Phillips, who was once thought of as a nice player, a splendid insurance policy, a reliable late-inning glove. And who has suddenly developed a knack for not only keeping them in their seats, but keeping them glued there.

不過現在洋基球迷看到了Andy Phillips的轉變, 他本來只被認為是個有著絕佳守備能力、在球賽末段值得信賴的防守球員, 不過在最近幾場比賽, 他的表現不但讓球迷捨不得離開位置, 更像是用強力膠把球迷黏在位置上一樣。

“I’m having as much fun as I’ve ever had,” Phillips said. And with reason.

"我相當樂在其中," Phillips說道, 而他有充足的理由這麼說。

Sunday, in a stunningly virtuoso performance, he essentially wouldn’t let the Yankees lose to the Devil Rays, saving the game first with his bat and then with his glove. And that’s why the buzz followed Phillips to home plate last night, bottom of the sixth inning, two men on and two men out in a 4-4 game the Yankees sorely wanted to win.

週日下午, 靠著一次美技防守, 他為洋基保住了領先優勢, 他先是用自己的球棒、之後又用自己的手套兩度拯救球隊, 而這也是為何在昨晚的比賽中, 觀眾會對他的上場打擊充滿期待並發出鼓譟聲, 當時這場洋基非贏不可的比賽進入六局下, 兩人出局兩人在壘, 雙方4比4平手。

It had been a thoroughly unwatchable game to date, thanks to the thoroughly unwatchable Kei Igawa, who somehow managed to throw 113 pitches in recording 15 outs. Matsui, Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez had tried to do their part, taking turns splattering Josh Towers pitches over the fence.

在此之前, 感謝Kei Igawa只為了搶15個出局數就用掉了113球的差勁表現, 這場比賽幾乎可用慘不忍睹來形容, 即便Matsui、Robinson Cano和Alex Rodriguez都已經做好份內工作, 三度將Josh Towers所投出的球轟到全壘打牆外。

Now Andy Phillips at the plate. The first sound you heard was the 52,993 people inside Yankee Stadium buzzing with anticipation. The second was the simple thud of a baseball hitting the not-so-sweet part of a bat. Andy Phillips’ bat. It wasn’t a screaming line drive. It didn’t matter. It was two runs. The final would be 6-4. Another step in the right direction.

此時站在打擊區中的是Andy Phillips, 你先聽到的是52,993位球迷鼓譟加油的聲音, 緊接著是一聲球棒未能咬中球心所發出的敲擊聲, 那不是一支漂亮的平飛安打, 不過這並不重要, 重要的是場上的比數成了6比4, 洋基又朝正確的方向跨出一步。

“It isn’t always pretty,” Joe Torre said of Phillips’ game-winner. “But it doesn’t always have to be.”

"(勝利打點安打)並不永遠是精彩的一擊," Joe Torre這麼說道, " 重點並不在於那是否是支漂亮的安打 "

It not only looks like a line drive in the boxscore, it felt like one at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees need to collect victories, need them by the bushel right now, need to seize every one within their grasp. This was within their grasp. Andy Phillips made sure it stayed with them to the clubhouse.

這一擊感覺起來就像是支貨真價實的平飛安打, 不管是在計分板上看起來, 或是球場中的氣氛感覺起來都是如此, 洋基迫切需要勝利, 他們需要把握每一場有機會取勝的比賽, 而這場比賽他們有著贏球機會, Andy Phillips就是那個保證勝利不會從洋基手上溜走的人。

There was a time, not so long ago, when the slot in the Yankees batting order belonging to the first baseman carried should have been sponsored by Maalox. For so long this season, it was a sickening, calcifying, echoing black hole. This, of course, was unacceptable.

不久以前, 洋基先發一壘手的打席看起來就像是得到Maalox(以生產胃藥聞名的品牌)贊助一般, 在今年球季的大半時間中, 這個打席看起來就像是個被各項傷痛困擾纏身的黑洞, 而這樣的情況在洋基球團眼中, 當然是無法接受的。

First base at Yankee Stadium might not hold the same cache as center field, but it wasn’t far behind. Lou Gehrig made it that way, of course, but across the decades the other men who occupied the area code included names like Mattingly and Martinez, Skowron and Chambliss.

在洋基球場中, 一壘手所受到的重視或許比不上中外野手, 不過球迷對鎮守一壘的球員的期望和中外野手比較也實在相去不遠, Lou Gehrig就是其中最具代表性的人物, 就算不提他, 在過去幾十年中, 洋基的一壘守備位置先後屬於幾個名為Mattingly、Martinez, Skowron和Chambliss的球員。

This year, the Yankees tried to figure out first base with paper clips and Scotch tape. Doug Mientkiewicz and Josh Phelps were perfectly lovely guys, and Mientkiewicz could thrill you on occasion with his glove. But watching either man hit, for extended periods at a time, was worse TV than “America’s Got Talent.” And Miguel Cairo wasn’t much better.

今年球季, 洋基試著透過不斷地嘗試來找到最適合一壘守備位置的解答, Doug Mientkiewicz和Josh Phelps都是相當討人喜歡的球員, 而Mientkiewicz的守備能力更是常令球迷大開眼界, 不過看著以上兩位球員打擊, 多半時候是個比“America’s Got Talent”更讓人難以忍受的畫面, 而Miguel Cairo也好不到哪裡去。

Now here is Phillips, whose spring was sent spinning into frightful chaos when his mother suffered a serious car accident, who could well have been an ex-Yankee if even one team had shown a sliver of interest in him when he designated for assignment at the start of the season. Here is Phillips, bit player, spare part, suddenly rising out of the dust and getting the Yankees a couple of games in a row, games they desperately need.

Andy Phillips, 這個在今年春訓期間因為母親出了嚴重車禍而讓自己生活陷入一團混亂、只要有任何球隊對他有點興趣就可以讓他就此離開洋基的球員, 不再是個球隊中微不足道的小角色、更不是所謂的多餘料件, 他的橫空出世, 連續幫洋基贏得兩場比賽, 兩場他們非贏不可的比賽。

“You feel good for a kid like that,” Torre said. “You feel good when you see hard work pay off.”

"我真心為他感到高興," Torre說道, "看到他的努力付出終有收穫讓人感到十分欣慰 "

“I just want to do my job,” Phillips said, “and stick around here.”

"我只是想作好份內工作," Phillips說道, " 然後希望能繼續留在球隊中 "

No worries about that right now. The Yankees need all the wins they can get. Phillips has gotten them two the past two days. You keep guys like that around. And try to find more like them.

現階段Pillips並不用擔心自己的去留問題, 現在的洋基亟需贏球, 而在過去兩天, Phillips就幫洋基贏得兩場比賽, 洋基當然會將這樣的球員留在陣中, 並且試著找到更多這樣的人。


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