[翻譯]Answering the Carl

Yankees 8, Twins 2

Answering the Carl

Pavano Nabs First Win for Yanks Rotation

By George King

Published : April 10, 2007 / New York Post

If you didn't predict Carl Pavano would be the first member of the Yankees' rotation to pitch effectively and post the initial victory by a starter this season, you weren't alone.

如果Pavano成為洋基rotation中第一個成功拿下勝投的投手這個事實完全不在你的意料之中, 相信我, 你並不是唯一感到吃驚的人。

"In spring training you certainly didn't look to him to be the first one to crank one up like this," Joe Torre said after Pavano went seven innings to beat the Twins, 8-2, last night in front of 26,047 at the Metrodome.

"在春訓期間你絕對不會料想到他竟然是第一個拿出本事為球隊取勝的先發投手" Joe Torre在賽後如此表示。

昨天的比賽中, 獨撐七局的Pavano幫助洋基在Metrodome全場26,037名觀眾面前以8比2擊退雙城。

Only Pavano's immediate family - and we aren't sure if it was a majority among the American Idle's relatives - would have picked him to beat Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte or Mike Mussina to the winner's circle.

只有Pavano最親近的家人, 甚至還無法確定是不是他大多數的親友都會如此相信, 他將會搶在王建民、Andy Pettitte和Mike Mussina之前拿下勝投。

Yet, after giving up two runs and six hits and not allowing a walk, Pavano has the first "W." Can World Peace be far behind?

然而在僅僅被擊出6支安打、失掉2分、沒有投出任何保送的優異表現後, Pavano拿到了他的第一勝, 這樣看來, 世界和平似乎也不是太遙遠的夢想了。

"Someone had to do it, so I am glad I could do it," Pavano said of his first win since May 22, 2005, a 5-3 decision over the Mets at Shea Stadium.

"總得有人挺身而出, 我很高興那個人是我" Pavano說道。

這場比賽也是他繼2005年5月22日在Shea Stadium拿下勝投(Yankees 5, Mets 3)之後的第一場勝利。

Not only did Pavano know what to do with the 5-0 lead his mates staked him to after two innings of feasting on Sidney Ponson's pitches, but the right-hander also gave the bullpen a rest. No Yankees starter had gone more than five innings in the first five games. So seven looked as good as nine.

Pavano不僅沒有浪費隊友在二局結束之後就為他從對方投手Sidney Ponson手中打下5分的火力支援, 也讓洋基的牛棚得到難得的喘息機會, 在本場比賽之前的五場賽事中, 沒有任何一個洋基先發投手能撐過五局, 這讓Pavano昨天獨撐七局的表現看起來就像是完投全場一樣珍貴。

"Some days it feels like yesterday and some days it feels like a lifetime," Pavano said of the time between victories. "I am glad to move forward."

"球員的表現總有高低起伏" Pavano說道,


Pavano (1-0) had plenty of help. Ponson, the pitcher the Yankees released after five games a year ago, gave up an RBI single to Bobby Abreu in the first inning and a two-run double to Jorge Posada three batters later. In the second, Ponson hung a 3-2 breaking ball to Abreu and he crushed it for a two-run homer. Abreu drove in another run in the sixth with a single and the sizzling Alex Rodriguez belted a two-run homer to right that collided with the glass in the middle level for two more runs.

Pavano在昨天的比賽中也得到了不少隊友(以及前隊友?)挺身相助, 在去年效力洋基五場比賽後就被球團釋出的Ponson, 先是在第一局被Bobby Abreu敲出一支帶有一分打點的一壘安打, 之後Jorge Posada又補上一支帶有兩分打點的二壘安打。二局上, Ponson更在滿球數的狀況下被Abreu敲出兩分炮。六局上, 殺紅眼的Abreu又擊出帶有一分打點的一壘安打, 緊接著上場打擊的是近來手感發燙的A-Rod, 更補上一支清空壘包的兩分炮。

Rodriguez is the first Yankee ever to hit five homers in the first six games, according to Elias Sports Bureau.


Ponson had a typical performance, giving up eight runs and 10 hits in 52/3 innings. Since the beginning of the 2004 season the right-hander had worked 432 innings and allowed 720 baserunners.

Ponson的糟糕演出其實也不令人意外, 他在5又2/3局的投球中, 被擊出10支安打失掉8分, 自從2004年球季以來, 這位右投手在432局的投球局數中, 就讓720位打者順利上壘。

Pavano hadn't pitched from June 2005 due to a litany of injuries, but the Yankees always preached if he was healthy he could help. Last night, they were correct.

Pavano自從2005年6月之後就因為傷痛纏身而未出賽, 這段期間洋基球團始終想要說服大眾, 只要這位右投手能順利康復, 他遲早會對球隊做出貢獻。 就昨天的比賽結果看來, 這並不是洋基球團一廂情願的看法。

"He was great," Torre said of Pavano. "The best part was in the first and second innings when the first guys got on, he shut them down. He threw a lot of strikes and made a lot of quality pitches. He hasn't competed for a while. I was impressed with this. I was proud of the job he did."

"他表現很棒" Torre這麼稱讚Pavano。

"其中最讓人滿意的是, 一二兩局雖然都讓對方首位打者上到壘包, 不過他最終總能化解危機。他的好壞球比例相當理想, 也投了許多夠水準的球, 在因傷休息了這麼久之後, 他昨天的表現讓我印象深刻, 我相當以他為榮"

In addition to negating the Twins' leadoff hitters getting on in the first and second, Pavano didn't give any of the early lead back.

儘管在前兩局都讓對方首位打者上壘, Pavano並沒有讓對手從他手上搶回領先。

"We hadn't been able to shut the opposition down when we scored," Torre said. "He did that tonight."

"我們之前幾場比賽都沒辦法在自己得分之後有效壓制對手進攻" Torre說道。"今天他做到了"

It's only one win and Pavano will be judged over a bigger body of work. But he is the first starter with a "W" and that has to count for something.

這只不過是Pavano本球季的第一場勝投, 而我們還需要更多的樣本數才能合理地評估其表現, 不過作為洋基陣中第一個拿下勝投的先發投手, 還是值得我們為他喝采。