[翻譯]Speaking the Truth

Speaking the Truth


Published : January 31, 2007 / New York Post

Mike Mussina acknowledged what everyone presumed: Carl Pavano needs to earn back a ton of respect in the Yankees clubhouse, and quick. And he saw what everyone else saw: Randy Johnson looked miserable in the Big Apple. 

Mike Mussina證實了所有人心中的臆測: Carl Pavano必須贏回隊友對他的尊敬, 而且要快

而他也和所有人有著相同的看法: Randy Johnson在紐約的表現實在不佳

Mussina's refreshing candor was on display last night before the Thurman Munson Awards Dinner in Manhattan. The hurler put Pavano on unofficial alert. 

Mussina在昨晚於Manhattan舉行的Thurman Munson Awards餐會中侃侃而談, 而他的談話內容也為Pavano在洋基的未來敲響警鐘

"He's got to earn some trust from some players again and from a coaching staff and a manager and an organization," Mussina said. "But if he can do it, we know he can pitch and we know he can get people out. 

"他必須重新贏回隊友, 教練團以及球隊高層對他的信任" Musssina說道

"唯有如此, 他才能證明自己是個能有效製造出局數的好投手"

"So if he gets over those other hurdles, he'll be an asset." 

"要成為球隊倚重的大將, 他必須先掃除人們對他的疑慮, "

Mussina also professed only mild surprise that Johnson was traded after two disappointing seasons. 

Mussina也表示對於Randy Johnson在兩個令人失望的球季之後, 作出脫下條紋球衣的決定, 他並不感到驚訝

"It doesn't seem like he has a lot of fun pitching in New York, and he certainly wears that on his sleeve," Mussina said. "But even as poorly as he pitched, he found a way to win 17 games." 

"看起來他並不是很享受在紐約投球的時光, 而這也無疑地對他在球場上的表現發生影響" Mussina說道

"不過儘管狀況不佳, 他還是能幫球隊拿下了17勝"

Asked why the Johnson experiment was a failure, Mussina pointed to New York expectations. 

被問到為何Johnson在紐約的表現會不如預期, Mussina認為伴隨過度期待而來的壓力或許就是原因所在

"And Randy, his name is synonymous with 15 strikeouts, 20 wins, and Cy Young Awards and all this stuff," he said. "And when you put on pinstripes, you're expected to do that 35 times a year. 

"當人們提到Randy Johnson時, 你會想到的是單場15次三振, 20勝, Cy Young獎...等豐功偉業" Mussina解釋道

"不過當你一旦穿上條紋球衣, 人們會進一步期待你拿個35勝"

"Realistically, that's not possible. But you can't fight it, either. You have to kind of roll with it and expect yourself to do well. 

"我們都知道這實在是不可能的任務, 不過你別無選擇, 只能承受這樣的壓力並祈禱自己能有出色表現"

"I just think he got a bad taste in his mouth and didn't adjust to it." 

"我想他(Randy Johnson)始終沒有對這樣的壓力作出適當調適"

When asked about the rotation, Mussina said, "I think we're in pretty decent shape." And the 38-year-old quipped that Roger Clemens' arrival would mean he'd no longer be the oldest Yankee hurler.


"我們看起來相當不賴" Mussina回答道

而他也開玩笑的表示, Roger Clemens鳳還巢對他而言最重要的意義是


No Rushing Hughes

Philip Hughes, the Yankees' top pitching prospect, has a chance to make the Opening Day starting rotation. But Mark Newman admitted yesterday it might be better if he doesn't. 

Philip Hughes, 洋基農場中最備受期望的明日之星, 有機會擔任開幕戰的先發投手, 不過在昨天的訪問中, Mark Newman表示他並不希望這樣的情況發生

The Yankee senior vice president of baseball operations, who oversees the minors, praised the 20-year-old righty's tremendous ability but noted Hughes would be only a junior if he were in college. 

負責監督洋基農場系統的資深副總裁高度讚揚這位實力驚人的20歲年輕右投, 不過他也強調, 單看Hughes的年齡, 他不過只是個大學三年級的學生 

"He's probably the best young pitcher we've had in this organization since I've been here, both in terms of stuff and in terms of performance," Newman said during a conference call with reporters. 

"他或許是我加入洋基以來, 在洋基農場中所看過的最佳年輕投手, 不過是球質也好, 比賽表現也好"


"There's some chance he could make the team out of spring training. We'd never count someone of his ability out. I think, best-case scenario, you give him a little time in Triple-A." 

"他當然有機會在春訓時就升上大聯盟, 我們永遠不會忽略有著如此優異能力的選手, 不過我個人認為, 先到3A去磨練一下, 才是對他最好的選擇"

Hughes isn't even on the 40-man roster yet, but he's one of 21 non-roster invitees to camp.

Hughes並未名列40人名單中, 不過他是以非登錄名單中球員身分被邀請參與春訓的21位球員之一


The Yankees have told Melky Cabrera to sit out the Caribbean World Series after he had a strong winter ball season in the Dominican. They want him fresh for the start of the season.

洋基球團要求在多明尼加冬季聯盟表現出色的Melky Cabrera不要參與加勒比海世界大賽(Caribbean World Series), 球團希望他能以最佳狀態迎接球季的開始