[翻譯]Damon Gets It Done VS. Old Club

Damon Gets It Done VS. Old Club


Published : August 29, 2007 / New York Post

For a good part of last night's game, a squirrel perched on the right-field foul pole at Yankee Stadium drew a lot of attention from the fans.

在昨晚比賽中的大部分時間, 一隻爬上右外野全壘打標竿的松鼠吸引了大多數球迷的注意...

Then in the bottom of the seventh, Johnny Damon, who can be a little squirrely himself, gave the fans something else to look at as he drove the first pitch to him from Daisuke Matsuzaka just inside the foul pole for a two-run home run that snapped a 3-3 tie and lifted the Yankees to a 5-3 victory over Damon's old team, the Red Sox.

不過當比賽進行到七局下半時, Johnny Damon的表現將球迷的注意力拉回了球場上, 他將松坂大輔對他所投出的第一球轟出了全壘打牆外, 這支帶有兩分打點的全壘打不僅僅打破了兩隊3比3平手的僵局, 最終也幫助洋基隊擊敗他的老東家紅襪隊。

Yes, Damon is a self-proclaimed Idiot, but he is also one proud man who has a resume of success. Red Sox ownership has been congratulating itself for not signing Damon to that four-year contract worth $52 million the Yankees gave Damon, but it should be noted the Red Sox did turn around this winter and gave J.D. Drew five years for $70 million.

沒錯, Damon自稱是個傻子(他在前年出版的自傳名為Idiot: Beating "The Curse" and Enjoying the Game of Life , 不過他同時也是個有著顯赫履歷表的成功球員。紅襪球團或許對自己當初不和Damon續約的決定感到沾沾自喜(Damon最終和洋基簽下4年總值5,200萬美金的合約), 但是我們也不能不注意到, 紅襪球團在今年球季花了更多錢簽下了J.D. Drew(5年7,000萬美金)

Damon is not about to get into with Boston ownership, he has moved on and said he is happy in his new home, but he did make this point after his big home run.

Damon並不打算對紅襪球團的決定做出抱怨, 他欣然接受這樣的結果並且對自己的新東家感到十分滿意, 儘管如此, 昨晚那支全壘打還是讓紅襪球團清楚聽見了他想傳達的訊息。

"It's taken a number of players to replace me," Damon said of the Red Sox. "I'm Johnny [Bleeping] Damon."

"他們(紅襪球團)找了很多球員試著要取代我, " Damon這麼說道, "因為我是他媽的Johnny Damon!"

Damon was smiling when he said his name, but the message was clear.

Damon面帶微笑的說著, 但是他所想要傳達的訊息再清晰不過了。

His career is not dead, and now that his legs are feeling good, he expects to energize the Yankees from the leadoff spot, just like he did for the Red Sox when he helped them win the World Series in 2004.

他的球員生涯還沒結束, 他的雙腳也並無大礙, 他期望自己能以洋基開路先鋒的角色為球隊注入活力, 就像他在2004年球季幫助紅襪隊拿下世界大賽冠軍時一樣。

Any win over the Red Sox is special for the Yankees and their fans, but this win wasn't about trying to get back in the AL East race, this win was about survival.

面對紅襪隊時所拿下的任何一場勝利, 對洋基全隊和球迷都是意義重大的, 對他們而言, 昨晚的勝利並不只是為了美聯東區冠軍頭銜而戰, 更是為了生存而戰。

The Yankees got the start they needed from Andy Pettitte, a big home run from Derek Jeter, another lightning round of relief from Joba Chamberlain and a close the door performance from Mariano Rivera.

除了洋基先發投手Andy Pettitte的表現不負眾望外, 擊出全壘打的Derek Jeter、再次繳出精彩投球內容的Joba Chamberlain全都是贏球功臣, 當然我們也不能忘記成功為球隊守下勝利的Mariano Rivera。

Damon's home run offered some redemption in a season in which he is batting .266 with nine home runs.

Damon的全壘打讓他在本季不甚理想的打擊成績單(打擊率.266, 9發全壘打)中記上了一筆小功。

Melky Cabrera is now the center fielder and Damon has tried to become the best left fielder that he can be and made several impressive catches last night.

目前洋基將中外野守備任務交給了 Melky Cabrera, 而Damon則是試著讓自己成為一個更稱職的左外野手, 他在昨晚比賽中就演出了幾次令人印象深刻的美技守備。

"You have to tip your hat to a guy like Melky for stepping up," Damon said.

"對於Melky的挺身而出, 我們應該要脫帽致意," Damon說道。

The Yankees are 13-2 when Damon starts in left and he is batting .435 as a left fielder. Damon could have sulked and not accepted his new role, but he has fought his way out of a slumping season. Since snapping an 0-for-20 streak on July 20, Damon is batting .356.

在Damon擔任先發左外野手的比賽中, 洋基的戰績是13勝2敗, 而Damon自己的打擊率也高達.435。Damon大可拒絕接受擔任左外野手的安排, 不過他不但沒有因此感到不悅, 反而是更加用心地調整自己、希望能止跌回升。 自從結束那連續20打數全都繳了白卷的低潮後, 他的打擊率高達.356。

If the Yankees are going to make the playoffs they will need Damon's contributions. A great thing about Damon is he does not panic. When he was with the Red Sox in 2004 he kept saying, "We just have to make the playoffs."

如果洋基想要如願進入季後賽, Damon將扮演不可或缺的重要角色。作為一個球員, Damon最棒的特質就是...他從來不會驚慌失措。在2004年球季、當時仍然效力於紅襪隊的Damon最常掛在嘴邊的一句話就是...

"我們所要做的就是打進季後賽, 僅此而已。"

It didn't matter if the Red Sox made it as a wild card team, they just had to get invited to the party.

球隊是否以外卡資格進入季後賽並不重要, 只要能夠拿到季後賽門票就好。

Damon is saying the same thing now. If the Yankees make it to the postseason, it really doesn't matter if they get there as a wild card team. The only thing that matters is getting to October.

現在的Damon和當年有著一樣的想法...只要洋基能打進季後賽, 是不是外卡資格一點都不重要。


Damon knows to keep hope alive.


After his big home run last night, the 36th sellout of the season at the Stadium gave Damon one of the louder curtain calls of the season. Damon jumped out of the dugout and didn't just tip his helmet, he waved to the fans behind the Yankees dugout then looked to his right to wave to the fans behind the Red Sox dugout. It should be noted that Damon waved in the direction of Red Sox principal owner John Henry & Co. He insisted he didn't notice them.

當他在昨晚的比賽中擊出全壘打後, 今年球季第36次滿場的全場洋基球迷給了他熱烈程度高居全年前幾名的curtain call, 跳出洋基休息區的Damon除了脫帽致意外, 他在向坐在洋基休息區正後方的球迷揮手後還不忘向坐在紅襪休息區後方的球迷揮手致意。雖然Damon本人堅持他並沒有什麼特別用意, 我還是無法不注意到, 他揮手致意的方向就正是紅襪老闆John Henry座位所在的方向。

In the eighth inning, Drew, who is hitting .259 with seven home runs, came to the plate with two runners on and was struck out by Chamberlain.

八局上半, 目前打擊率.259並且擊出7發全壘打的J.D. Drew在兩人在壘的情況下上場打擊, 但是卻遭到Chamberlain的三振。

The Yankees still trail the Red Sox by seven games, but on this night Johnny (Bleeping) Damon got the chance to bask in pinstripes against his old team.

洋基仍然落後紅襪達七場勝差, 不過在昨晚的比賽中, 穿著條紋球衣的Johnny "Fxxking" Damon完成了他的甜蜜復仇。