[翻譯]Wang tires and fires up

Wang tires and fires up

Sinker gets better after early struggle


Published : June 2, 2007 / New York Daily News

When Chien-Ming Wang tried to throw his famous sinker on the inside part of the plate last night, the ball veered outside. When he tried to pitch on the outer section of the plate, his pitches cut in.

在昨晚的比賽中, 王建民想要將他賴以成名的伸卡球近壘點控制在內角時,  球總是往外角跑去, 而當他瞄準打者外角時, 球偏偏又從內角進壘。

"The ball was all over the place," Wang said. And when he had thrown 74 pitches after only three innings and the score was tied at 3, it seemed like his night would end early. And badly.

"球的進壘點就是不聽我使喚," 王建民說道。在前三局的投球中, 王建民就已經用掉了74球, 而雙方的比數還僵持在3比3平手, 不管怎麼看, 王建民應該都是會被早早換下場...甚至是以敗投候選人的身分。

But Wang persevered and became what Joe Torre described as "somebody else" once the Yankees opened up a lead. Wang shut down the Red Sox for 2-2/3 more innings and wound up earning his fourth victory of the season.

不過王建民堅持了下去, 在洋基重新取得領先之後, 套一句Joe Torre的話, 王建民的表現像是..."換了一個人似的"。在接下來的2又2/3局, 王建民沒有讓紅襪再越雷池一步, 最終拿下了他本季第四勝。

"I was really proud of Chien-Ming Wang," Torre said. "They gave him a tough time. He never uses that many pitches early in the game, but once we got the lead back for him, all of a sudden he became somebody else. He started going after people and he didn't back off. He certainly deserved the win, the way he responded.

"我真是為王建民感到驕傲," Torre說道。

"他們(紅襪打者)讓他吃足了苦頭, 他(王建民)從來沒在比賽前幾局就累積這麼多球數, 不過當我們為他打下領先分數時, 他瞬間像是換了一個人似的, 他開始勇於和打者對決且絲毫不退卻, 無疑地, 這場勝利是他應得的。"

"Even though he threw a ton of pitches in the first few innings, he just kept coming at them. I thought it was great that we sent him out there for the sixth inning."

"就算他在前幾局的用球數實在是驚人的高...但他還是勇於和打者對決, 我想我們決定讓他在六局下繼續上場投球的決定是對的。"

The Yankees also may have discovered something about Wang - when he pitches with an extra day's rest, he throws his sinker too hard, and it doesn't have time to dip. That was part of his problem last night, and pitching coach Ron Guidry talked to the righthander after the game about perhaps throwing more pitches in his warmup to take some energy out of his arm.

洋基球團或許也藉由這場比賽觀察到王建民的一個問題 - 當他在兩場先發場次中有多一天休息時間時, 他投伸卡球似乎會過於用力, 而這也讓球沒有機會下沈, 而這也是昨晚他所面臨的狀況。投手教練Ron Guidry在賽後和王建民討論了這樣的狀況, 並且建議他或許以後可以在賽前熱身時多投幾球, 將他手臂過多的能量先行釋放出來。

Wang currently throws about 45 pitches before games. Guidry said he may ask him to throw 10 or 15 more next time.

目前王建民在每場先發前的熱身時, 大概會投45個球左右, Guidry表示下次他或許會要求王建民多投個10到15球。

"We're trying to figure this out, because his ball never cuts like that," Guidry said. "It might be because he's had too much rest because he hasn't been on a set schedule.

"我們正試著想要找出問題癥結所在, 因為他之前從未出現這樣的狀況," Guidry說道。


"Sinkerballers work better when they are tired. He started to throw better after the third inning when he was over 70 pitches."

"伸卡球投手通常在他感覺疲憊時表現會更好, 就像今天比賽狀況一樣, 當三局過後他的投球數超過70球時, 他的表現也越來越好。"

As rough as the first three innings were, Wang (4-4) still stranded eight Boston baserunners over that stretch, including the bases loaded in both the first and second. He lasted 5-2/3 innings, allowing 10 hits and three runs. Wang has allowed three earned runs or less in each of his last four starts, allowing a total of nine runs in 27 innings over that span.

即便前三局的投球遭逢亂流, 王建民仍然成功地將八位紅襪跑者留在壘上, 沒讓他們回到本壘, 其中包含前兩局都讓紅襪留下滿壘殘壘。他總計投了5又2/3局, 被擊出10支安打失掉3分。在過去四場先發中, 王建民的責失分全都控制在3分以下, 在共計27局的投球中, 僅失掉9分。