[翻譯]Clemens Still Undecided About Future

January 29, 2007

Clemens Still Undecided About Future


AP Sports Writer

Roger Clemens was on the mound in Astros gear Monday, still undecided about whether he'll pitch for Houston or any other major league team this season.

Roger Clemens在週一身穿太空人隊的練習服上投手丘練投, 不過他仍然還未對是否重返球場做出決定

The 44-year-old right-hander threw almost an hour of batting practice during the club's pitching and hitting camp at Minute Maid Park. He mostly faced minor leaguers, including his son Koby.

這位44歲的右投手在球隊於Minute Maid Park的訓練場地中, 擔任了將近一個小時的打擊練習餵球投手, 大部分面對的都是小聯盟選手, 其中也包含他的兒子Koby

When asked to handicap the odds that he'll return for another season, Clemens replied: "I'm not even interested in playing right now - that's my handicap for you. Other than that, my golf handicap needs to come down."

當記者要求他評估一下重返球場的機率時, 他是這麼回應的

"我現在甚至沒有任何打球的慾望 - 這就是我給你的答案, 除此之外, 我的高爾夫球差點還需要再降低就是了"

(譯者註: 這段問題和回應還是要看原文比較能了解火箭人的幽默...不過是也沒多好笑啦

Clemens is a free agent. He was 7-6 with a 2.30 ERA in 19 starts during a shortened season for the Astros last year after sitting out until June.

Clemens現在是自由球員身分, 在去年球季他為太空人先發了19場, 繳出了7勝6敗, 防禦率2.30的成績


"It's a lot of work," he said. "I have fun doing it, but it's a lot of work. That will be a tough decision again."

"那需要經過相當充分的準備" Clemens說道

"雖然我是樂在其中, 但重返球場所需做的準備還是不可小覷的, 這(重返球場)將再度是個困難的決定"

Besides the Astros, the Yankees, Red Sox and Rangers are among the teams most interested in signing Clemens. If he does come back, the seven-time Cy Young Award winner said he likely won't pitch until May or June.

除了太空人之外, 洋基,紅襪以及遊騎兵都對簽下Clemens十分感興趣, 如果他真的決定重返球場, 這位七度Cy Young獎得主表示他可能最快也要到五六月才會重新站上投手丘

"I know that if I play it won't be a full season again," he said. "I'm in good shape, but I'm nowhere close to baseball or pitching shape. I hear everything that everybody else is saying. I get updates about once every two weeks from the Hendricks brothers (his agents)."

"我知道即使我想再投一年, 我也八成不會投滿整個球季" Clemens說道

"我目前的身體狀態很不錯, 不過距離棒球選手的標準還有段差距, 別人對我的討論我都聽在耳裡, 每隔兩個禮拜, 我的經紀人Hendricks兄弟就會提供最新消息給我"

Clemens looked good on the mound Monday. He didn't appear winded and said he felt fine. But he was drenched in sweat after the workout, despite mild, 50-degree temperatures in Houston.

週一在投手丘上時, Clemens的狀況看起來相當不錯, 當我們看到他時他並沒有氣喘吁吁, 也表示他感覺很好, 雖然當天Houston的氣溫大概是攝氏10度左右, 但做完重量訓練之後, Clemens還是免不了汗流浹背

When someone pointed out that he threw almost 200 pitches, Clemens replied: "I hope no one was counting. Now you're making me feel tired."

當有人指出他已經投了將近200球時, Clemens說道

"我不希望有人認真計算我的投球數, 現在被你這麼一說, 我開始覺得累了"

"That stuff is supposed to be good for your heart. So we'll see. It would probably be easier to have just a glass of wine," he joked.

"這樣的運動量照理來說對心臟的健康應該有正面幫助, 不過比較起來, 我想喝杯葡萄酒不但輕鬆多了, 也能相同功效"  他開玩笑說著

Koby Clemens called playing a game with his father at Class-A Lexington last year "the experience of a lifetime" and added that he always enjoys when his dad is around to work with.

Koby Clemens認為在去年能有機會在1A的Lexington和老爸並肩作戰, 是他"永生難忘的寶貴經驗", 他一直都很享受和父親一起共事的機會

But that doesn't mean The Rocket goes easy on his son in batting practice.


"Oh, no. He's pops. He's going to let me know that he's still king of the household," Koby said.

"他絕對不可能手下留情, 他一直想要提醒我到底誰才是家中的老大 " Koby說道

And Koby knows that regardless of his father's future as a pitcher, he'll continue to be involved in baseball.

而且Koby也清楚知道, 不管火箭人未來是否會以投手的身分重返球場, 可以肯定的是他一定不會和棒球脫離關係

"He's never going to be able to sit still," Koby said. "He's always going to be out here throwing BP or something. When we work out, he's working me out, it's not the other way around. Who knows when he's going to make a decision, but he's always going to be around the game."

"他永遠都不可能乖乖地坐著不動" Koby說道

"他一定還是會想來這裡餵餵球或是做些其他的事, 每當我們有機會一起做重量訓練時, 其實先累垮的都是我, 而不是他, 天曉得他何時才會做出(是否重返球場)的決定, 不過可以肯定的是他永遠不會離開棒球這項運動"

Clemens said his choice of whether to play another season will depend on what he thinks his body will be able to withstand.

Clemens表示, 是否重返球場將視他評估自己的身體狀態是否能承受大聯盟比賽強度的結果而定

"I'm nowhere near being in the competitive shape I need to be in to be a power pitcher," he said. "I've put a lot of pressure on myself to perform and I'm going to be a year older and I don't know how my body is going to react."

"要想調整回一個能扮演強力投手角色的身體狀態, 現在的我還有很長的路得走" Clemens說道

"為了讓自己能夠有好表現, 我一向都給自己很大的壓力, 不過現在我又老了一歲, 天曉得我的身體能不能承受的住"

Pitching great Nolan Ryan said he wouldn't do anything to try and sway Clemens' decision, and that whether he'll pitch again should be a personal decision.

偉大的投手Nolan Ryan曾表示, 他將不會試圖去揣測或是影響Clemens的選擇, 無論如何, 這都應該交由他自己決定

"Roger is a competitor, so it's not his lack of competitiveness," Ryan said. "I think it's whether physically he feels like he can endure it and I think that's what he's trying to do now is to get a feel for where he is. To see how Father Time has worked on him."

"Roger不是個會輕言放棄的人, 所以無論他的決定如何, 都不會是因為他缺乏鬥志" Ryan說道

"我想關鍵會在於他是否認為自己的身體能夠應付實戰的考驗, 而這也是他目前正在做的事...了解自己的身體狀況, 評估一下時間到底有沒有在他身上留下痕跡"


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