[翻譯]Kuo Wants to Perform Like Wang

Kuo Wants to Perform Like Wang


Published : October 5, 2006_New York Post

Tom Glavine will take 290 career wins into tonight's NLDS Game 2 start. Hong-Chih Kuo brings in a grand total of one. 

Tom Glavine即將帶著生涯290勝的成績擔任NLDS第二戰的先發投手, 而他的對手郭泓志卻帶著僅有的1勝前來挑戰

But the Dodgers rookie can take heart in the fact his one came against the Mets, and in the knowledge youth can be served in the playoffs. Just ask high school teammate Chien-Ming Wang. 

不過這位道奇新秀投手的唯一一勝就是來自於大都會, 而他也相當清楚就算是個沒有經驗的年輕投手, 還是可以扛起季後賽先發的重任, 如果不信的話, 去問問他的高中棒球校隊隊友王建民就知道了

Both played for the same school in Tainan City, Taiwan; Wang the ace and Kuo primarily an outfielder. Now, three elbow injuries, a position switch, and one long, winding road later, Kuo, a 25-year-old lefty, will find himself starting at Shea Stadium tonight, two days after Wang won ALDS Game 1 for the Yankees across town. 

兩位同樣來自台南的投手當時效力於同一個球隊, 王建民是球隊的王牌投手, 而郭泓志主要則是擔任外野手, 經過了三次手肘受傷, 以及守備位置的調整, 這位克服重重考驗的25歲左投將在今晚站上Shea Stadium的投手丘, 就在王建民為洋基拿下ALDS首戰勝利的兩天後

"We're pretty good friends. I talked to him three days ago; just tell him good luck, and he tells me the same thing," Kuo said. "He's one year older than me. We're pretty close. When I was in the minor leagues, we've been talking a lot, about the rehab stuff, I asked him how to throw the sinker, a lot of stuff." 

"我們是相當好的朋友, 三天前我們曾經有過一段談話, 我只是祝他好運, 而他也送上相同的祝福" 郭泓志說道 "他比我大一歲, 而我們相當親近,當我還在小聯盟效力時,我們常有機會聊天,談關於復健的事,談如何投伸卡球,我們的話題相當廣泛"

Oh, and there's been plenty of rehab stuff. 


Hard-throwing Kuo signed in 1999 and got off to an auspicious start, fanning seven of 10 batters in his Single-A debut the next April. Then he blew out his elbow, needing Tommy John surgery. 

郭泓志在1999年和道奇簽約,並且在首次身穿道奇球衣上場時就有相當好的表現,他在2000年4月的1A初登板先發中三振了10位打者,不過也操壞了他的手肘,被診斷出需要進行Tommy John 手術

Two more injuries and another Tommy John surgery convinced the Dodgers that Kuo was too brittle to start, so he was converted to a reliever and finally reached the majors last September. After going 0-4 with a 5.79 ERA, L.A. gave up and sent him back to the minors to convert him back to a starter. 

接下來的兩次受傷和另一次的Tommy John手術讓道奇隊認為他恐怕無法負荷先發投手的重任,被調整為中繼投手的他,終於在去年9月升上了大聯盟,在他繳出了一張0勝4敗,防禦率5.79的成績單之後,道奇再度把他降回小聯盟並且試著把他調整回先發投手

It worked brilliantly, allowing him the 20 minutes Kuo said he needs to warm up, and the use of secondary pitches, his changeup and curveball. After being recalled Aug. 30, he was 1-1 with a 3.07 ERA. His first start came Sept. 8 against the Mets, and he fanned seven in six shutout innings for a 5-0 win. 


"He showed us the same thing he showed the whole world: He's not scared of anyone," Dodgers manager Grady Little said. "He's got good stuff, he challenges the hitters, he works fast. That's all we're looking for." 

"他向我們以及全世界傳達了一個訊息:我誰都不怕" 道奇總教練Grady Little說道 "他的球質很重,他勇於挑戰打者,他投球節奏快,這完全符合我們的需要"

Kuo said, "I just try to help the team, pitch like last time. They probably didn't know how I throw. I was lucky. And I threw strikes; that's the key." 


Being a lefty also is a key: The Mets' .254 average vs. lefties was the second-worst in baseball.