[翻譯]Yanks’ Manager Pick Not as Easy as 1, 2 or 3

Yanks’ Manager Pick Not as Easy as 1, 2 or 3


Published : October 25, 2007 / The New York Times

There are no more scheduled interviews for the Yankees’ managerial opening, and the baseball operations staff will use Thursday to debate the three candidates.

所有針對洋基總教練職缺的預定面試都已經完成, 球團管理階層將會在星期四正式就三位候選人做出討論。

But Don Mattingly came in as the favorite of the principal owner, George Steinbrenner, and he made a strong impression on Steinbrenner’s son Hank in his interview Tuesday.

在三個候選人當中, Don Mattingly一直是洋基大老闆George Steinbrenner心中的不二人選, 而他也在星期二和Hank Steinbrenner(the Boss之子)的面試中讓Hank留下深刻印象。

“He gave them more than what they expected,” a person who spoke with Hank Steinbrenner said. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because no decision had been announced. “They liked his aggressiveness and his strength. They saw some fire, and they liked that. He came across as real.”

"他(Don Mattingly)在面試中的表現超乎面試官員的預期, " ㄧ位曾在面試過後和Hank談過、不願具名的消息人士透露, "他們喜歡Mattingly所展現出的企圖心和心理強度, 更感受到Mattingly的鬥志, 他們十分欣賞這樣的態度。"

Joe Girardi interviewed with team officials Monday in Tampa, Fla., and Tony Peña did so Wednesday. Both have been major league managers before, while Mattingly has never managed at any level.

Joe Girardi的面試安排在星期一舉行, 而Tony Peña則是在星期三和球團高層會面, 不同於Mattingly, 他們兩人都有大聯盟執教經驗。

But Mattingly apparently convinced the increasingly powerful Hank Steinbrenner that he could be more than the quiet leader he is perceived to be. In doing so, Mattingly cleared what is thought to be his biggest hurdle in getting the job. Hank Steinbrenner did not know Mattingly the person, but now he does.

但是Mattingly成功地說服了日漸大權在握的Hank Steinbrenner, 清楚表達自己並不會如別人所預期的只是做個沈默的總教練, 藉此他也清除了讓他坐上總教練位置的最後一道障礙。在面試進行前, Hank Steinbrenner對Mattingly這個人的了解並不深, 不過在星期二的面試結束後, 這已經不是問題了。

“It was the first time I’ve ever been able to sit down with the whole family and give them my feelings on the Yankees and baseball and everything,” Mattingly said Tuesday. “I had never really gotten a chance to speak from the heart in that way.”

"這是我第一次有機會和球團管理階層坐下來好好談談, 談我對洋基、對棒球這項運動、對所有事情的看法," Mattingly說道, "之前我從來沒有這樣的機會可以把內心話說出來。"

Wednesday belonged to Peña, the Yankees’ first-base coach and the former manager of the Kansas City Royals. Peña said he felt comfortable in his interview and stressed that he could lead the Yankees to a championship.

星期三則是洋基一壘教練、前皇家隊總教頭Peña的面試日, Peña對自己的面試過程感到滿意, 他在面試中更強調了自己有足以帶領洋基拿下世界大賽冠軍的能力。

“I’m capable of managing this ball club and taking this ball club to the final line, which is winning the World Series,” Peña said. “I feel we have great talent in this organization and I believe I’m capable to do the job.”

"我有足夠能力可以執教這個球隊, 並且帶領他們完成目標, 對洋基而言, 目標就是贏得世界大賽冠軍," Peña說道, "我們球隊中有許多優秀球員, 而我也相信自己有能力扮演好總教練的角色。"

The feeling among ownership is that Girardi, Mattingly or Peña would all be acceptable choices. Hank Steinbrenner said that he would essentially leave the final call to General Manager Brian Cashman and his staff.

對於洋基高層來說, Girardi、Mattingly或是Peña都是可以接受的總教練人選, 因此Hank Steinbrenner表示他將把決定權交給總經理Brian Cashman和其團隊。

“If the baseball guys are unanimous or near it, that’s the way you’ve got to go,” he said, adding that there were no more interviews to be done.

"如果專業人士可以對總教練人選達成共識, 我會完全尊重他們的意見" Hank說道, 並表示他們目前沒有做更多面試的打算。

Cashman could meet with Steinbrenner and his sons, Hank and Hal, on Thursday. If a decision is reached, the Yankees could ask Commissioner Bud Selig for permission to announce the new manager on Friday, a day off in the World Series.

Cashman會在星期四和Steinbrenner家族的三位成員(the Boss, Hank及Hal)開會討論, 如果他們能在當天做出決定的話, 洋基球團將會把新總教練的名字報給大聯盟主席Bud Selig, 讓他在星期五、也是世界大賽的表定休兵日做出正式宣佈。

“It’s possible,” Hank Steinbrenner told reporters in Tampa. “We want to get it done as soon as possible.”

"這(在星期五宣佈新總教練人選)可能性相當高," Hank這麼告訴記者, "我們希望能盡快搞定這事。"

Selig refused to comment on the possibility of a Yankees announcement, but he is said to be strongly against the idea. Still, he could probably be persuaded by precedent — the Mets announced the hiring of Art Howe during the 2002 World Series — and by the Yankees’ need to move on to other business, especially their efforts to re-sign Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera.

Selig拒絕對洋基可能在星期五宣佈總教練人選一事做出評論, 但他個人相當反對洋基這樣(在世界大賽期間宣佈)做。不過Selig屆時可能很難拒絕洋基的要求, 因為大都會就是在2002年世界大賽期間宣佈Art Howe將會擔任新球季總教練的決定, 而且對洋基來說, 他們急於想盡快確定總教練人選, 然後開始著手解決Alex Rodriguez、Jorge Posada和Mariano Rivera的合約問題。

Hiring Mattingly would be welcomed by many fans at a time when the Yankees have absorbed a backlash for the handling of Joe Torre’s departure last week. More important, perhaps, is that to reject Mattingly as a candidate for a job he desperately wants would mean alienating another popular Yankee.

選擇Mattingly, 將會是個較容易被洋基球迷接受的決定, 或許也能稍微緩和洋基球團在處理Torre續約問題時和球迷間的緊張關係, 更重要的是, 如果球團拒絕Mattingly亟欲想要成為總教練的要求, 將承受得罪另一個備受歡迎洋基人的風險。

It is doubtful Mattingly would return to the coaching staff if he does not get the managing job. Peña, however, said he would welcome the chance to come back.

如果Mattingly無法如願成為新總教練人選, 沒人敢說他是否會願意在下季繼續作為洋基教練團的一員。至於Peña, 則已經表示無論結果如何, 他都十分樂意留在洋基陣中。

“I’m very, very proud to wear this uniform,” he said.

"我對於自己能穿上條紋球衣深感驕傲," Peña說道。

Because of his managing experience, Peña could be a candidate for the bench coach if Mattingly ascends from that position to manager. The third-base coach, Larry Bowa, another former manager, is another possibility.

因為執教經驗豐富, Peña極有可能在Mattingly被升任總教練後取代其板凳教練的位置, 除了Peña之外, 同樣有著大聯盟球隊總教練經驗的Larry Bowa(現為洋基三壘教練), 也是可能的人選。

Bowa has been offered the Seattle Mariners’ third-base coaching job, but he said Wednesday that he was still undecided about whether to accept.

西雅圖水手隊也已經邀請Bowa出任該隊的三壘教練, 不過Bowa在星期三表示, 他尚未作出決定。

The Yankees reached the playoffs in each of Torre’s 12 seasons, and the one before that, under Buck Showalter. But after watching the Yankees lose in the first round in each of the last three seasons, Hank Steinbrenner said fans would need to be patient with the new manager.

洋基在Joe Torre的執教下, 已經連續12個球季拿到季後賽門票, 而在Torre接下兵符的前一年, Buck Showalter也把球隊帶進了季後賽。不過在洋基連續三年都在季後賽首輪就被淘汰出局後, Hank Steinbrenner認為球迷應該對新教頭有多點耐心。

“I think the most important thing is whoever we hire, give him a chance because he’s not getting the ’96 Yankees,” he said. “He’s getting an even younger team or for the most part a team in transition. Give him a little while.

"我想最重要的是, 無論我們最後選擇誰作為新賽季的總教練人選, 都不應該要求他一步登天, 因為我們交到他手上的球隊並不是1996年的洋基隊," Hank說道, "他(新任總教練)執教的將會是支相對年輕、並且正值重組階段的球隊, 我們要給他點時間。"

“We want to win the World Series every year. We’re not stupid enough to think we can do it. Of course, we’d love to win the World Series next year.”

"我們每年都想贏得世界大賽冠軍, 但我們也沒有笨到把奪冠視為理所當然..."

"當然, 我們還是很希望明年能夠辦到。"