[翻譯]Jorge: Bernie won't retire

Jorge: Bernie won't retire


Published : January 24th, 2007 / New York Daily News 

Bernie Williams has still not spoken out about his baseball future, but one of his closest friends and teammates said last night that the veteran outfielder has no plans to hang up his spikes just yet.

截至目前為止, Bernie Williams都尚未發表他是否繼續棒球生涯的決定, 不過洋基陣中的好友昨晚表示, 這位老將尚未有高掛釘鞋的打算 

Jorge Posada, speaking before last night's Baseball Assistance Team dinner at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, said Williams plans to play in 2007, though it is unclear whether that will be in Yankee pinstripes.

Jorge Posada昨晚於時報廣場的萬豪酒店參加Baseball Assistance Team餐會時表示, Bernie還不打算退休, 但目前無法確定的是, 屆時他是否還能身穿條紋球衣出賽

"He's not even thinking about (retirement) yet," Posada said. "He said he wants to play one more year."

"他壓根沒想過退休這檔事" Posada說道 


Posada has spoken with Williams "a lot" this winter, which makes him one of only a few people to do so. Two of Williams' long-time friends said they have not been able to get him on the phone for almost a month, as Williams spent time in Puerto Rico and New York, trying to sort out his future. 

Posada是今年冬天少數和Bernie常有聯繫的人, 就連兩位Bernie的多年好友都表示已經有將近一個月都無法用電話聯繫上Bernie了, 這陣子Bernie在波多黎各和紐約兩頭跑, 試著搞清楚自己下個球季的可能落腳處

The Yankees have told Williams' agent, Scott Boras, that there is no room for Williams on the major league roster, as Melky Cabrera is penciled in as the fourth outfielder. With a 12-man pitching staff and a platoon at first base, there doesn't appear to be a spot for the 38-year-old.

洋基球團已經知會過Bernie的經紀人Scott Boras, 表示在Cabrera將擔任第四外野手的情況下, 洋基目前的球員登錄名冊中已經沒有容納Bernie的空間了, 名單中已經有12名投手, 以及一狗票的一壘手, 於是這位38歲的老將就只好被割愛了

It is possible that the Yankees could offer Williams a minor-league deal and invite him to spring training, though it is unknown whether he would be open to such a scenario.

洋基有可能會決定先和Bernie簽小聯盟合約, 然後邀請他一同參與春訓, 不過Bernie是否能接受這個條件還很難說

Williams recently told Posada that there were other teams interested in his services for 2007, but he must decide first whether he wants to play in a uniform other than the one he has worn for his entire 16-year career. 

最近Bernie跟Posada提過有其他球隊對他提出邀約, 但他還不能決定自己是否願意換下他16年球員生涯穿過的唯一球衣而加入其他球隊

"If he doesn't come back as a Yankee, it would be tough to see him in another uniform," Posada said. "I don't think he would even consider that. . . . Bernie wants to be a Yankee forever."

"如果他不是以洋基球員的身分重返球場...對我來說將會非常難以接受" Posada說道


While Williams' future with the Yankees may be in doubt, Roger Clemens' return remains an intriguing possibility. 

比起Bernie是否重返洋基的不確定性, 火箭人重新披上條紋球衣的可能性看來就高多了

Posada, who caught the seven-time Cy Young winner from 1999-2003, seemed cautiously optimistic about a Clemens-Yankees reunion, though he declined to get into specifics about the free agent pitcher.

曾在1999-2003年球季和火箭人並肩作戰的Posada看起來對火箭人重返洋基感到相當樂觀, 不過他不願意對這個消息發表進一步的看法

"It would be great to have him back," Posada said. "He's probably the best pitcher we've ever seen."

"若是他能重返洋基就真的太棒了" Posada說道 "他或許是棒球史上最佳的投手"

A Yankees official confirmed that Robinson Cano will change his uniform number from 22 to 24 this season, opening the door for Clemens to reclaim his old jersey number should he return to New York. But the official also said Cano's switch is not a signal that the two sides have come to any agreement, saying, "Don't read too much into it. At least not yet." 

洋基球團已經證實Cano將把球衣背號從22號換成24號的消息, 這被視為是讓火箭人重返洋基時還能身穿他所習慣的22號球衣所做出的調整, 不過球團方面也表示背號調整的動作並不代表洋基已經和火箭人就合約部分達成任何共識,